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Strength Comes from Within

I was working with a client one day and I could tell she was trying really hard – digging deep to push through each rep, hold her posture a little firmer, and break past the whispers of doubt that were trying to creep into her mind and believe that she could. I kept encouraging her. Be strong. Believe in yourself. Be fearless. Be confident. Be fierce. Through all the encouragement and work, she managed to complete her workout for the day and she left feeling exhilarated, confident, and empowered.

As I reflected on her struggle that day and related it to my own, I realized how our strength really does come from within. There was nothing different about her ability today than there was two days ago. However today she believed. Today she took a leap of faith and she succeeded. She was always strong – today it was just manifested physically. It solidified my belief that strength comes from within — and it is this concept that I wish to foster among women I work with and mentor.

Too often we rely on praise from other people – whether it is receiving good grades from our teachers, acknowledgement from our parents, a promotion from our boss, social invitations from our friends – as a measure of our self-worth and value. While there is nothing wrong with seeking extrinsic motivation and reward, it is important to remember that we also bring something valuable to the table.

The mind is an incredibly powerful tool. Just as voices of doubt and hesitation may echo loudly within us, with the proper training, guidance, and encouragement, those voices can turn into ones of empowerment and confidence. Our goal at She is Fierce is to help women live healthy, enriched lives. By healthy we are not just referring to physical health; we are referring to mental and emotional health as well.

The way we think, feel, and envision ourselves shapes our actions. It affects how you cope with challenges, how you interact with other people, and how you perceive your life circumstances. Learning how to get a grip with our thoughts and emotions is the first step towards physical empowerment. It is the first step in unleashing the strength that lies within.


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