The Days in Between

I don’t know about you, but the days between Thanksgiving and the start of the New Year are always ones that seem to challenge all my resolutions to avoid temptations and stick to my health and fitness regime. With many more social occasions than usual plus various holiday festivities and outings, my schedule is usually upside down and very little is in my control. The days in between Thanksgiving and January 2 always take a bit of extra dedication.

In addition, the Whole Life Challenge, an 8-week game that I participate in, is held 3 times a year. The challenge always helps me stay focused and on track with working towards my goals — but what about the days in between? The WLC helps you build habits, and once you’ve stuck to them for 8 weeks, they really do become part of your lifestyle. However, sometimes we need a bit of extra help, a bit of extra support. This is what ‘The Days in Between’ is designed to do. It’s not as complex or detailed as the WLC. It’s just a place where you can check in each day to hold yourself accountable to whether or not you are working towards your goals. Regardless of what your specific goals are the general objective is to keep working towards a healthier, happier life.

Here are the daily goals:

  • Eat according to your goals. There are no calorie limits, no food limitations, no allocated portions. The only thing you need to do is ensure that whatever you are eating (and drinking) will not distract you from reaching your goals. For example, if your goal is to lose weight and eating 20 g. of chocolate a day does not have an impact on your weight loss, then go ahead, have the chocolate. If, however, you have the habit of eating chocolate each day and you feel like you’re not progressing towards your goal, then it’s probably time to make a change. By not placing food limitations or any restrictions it reaffirms that YOU have control of the choices you make. Be smart. Listen to your body. Be honest with yourself.
  • Drink a minimum of 64 oz./1.8 L of water a day. This is pretty specific because staying hydrated is SO important to being healthy. It helps our brain and body function better.
  • There is no sleep criteria. The only question you’ll be asked is – do you feel well rested? Sometimes after a nice, relaxing weekend, getting 5 hours of sleep is enough. Other times you may need 8 hours to recover from a long, strenuous or stressful day. You decide. The aim is to feel rested to the point where we have enough energy and enthusiasm to get through the day.
  • Take 15 minutes for yourself each day. It is so easy to get lost in a day filled with errands, other people’s expectations, and just stuff! A whole day can go by without you taking time for yourself. However, it’s important. It’s important to have enough control of your daily activities to be able to just press pause for 15 minutes without feeling anxiety or guilt. Use that 15 minutes for whatever you want – a long, hot shower, reading a book, meditating, catching up with a friend — anything as long as it is something that’s important to you and makes you happy.
  • Do a total of 210 minutes of purposeful movement each week. I was thinking about setting a daily target, but perhaps for some of us it is more realistic to exercise 4 times a week and not every single day. Personally there are days when I have 1 hour of CrossFit and 2 hours of jiu-jitsu. After 3 hours of intense exercise, I don’t view taking a ‘rest’ day the following day as a demerit. As for the term ‘purposeful movement’, this refers to movement with the intention of working towards better health. Whether that’s yoga, activity-specific mobility exercises, walking, running, dancing – anything that interests you. However, it does need to be intentional. Walking around the supermarket for 20 minutes doesn’t count; however, if you go to the mall with the intention of walking during your lunch hour, that totally counts.



What you can expect by signing up for this group:

The main goal of setting up this group is to provide support and encouragement to those who want to build their healthy habits. Each person has their own set of goals, struggles, lifestyle parameters. Therefore, the idea is not to prescribe a specific diet but rather provide a place where we can get together and ask ourselves – did we work towards our goals and towards living a happier, healthier life? You get to choose your goals and what that life looks like. Moreover, if you’ve done the Whole Life Challenge and are wondering how to maintain a sense of balance once the challenge is over, this challenge may be just what you need. Not having too many restrictions but still maintaining daily accountability may be the key to transitioning from the parameters of the Whole Life Challenge to your real life.

This group will be run via a Facebook page, so you must have access to Facebook to participate.

Each weekday (Monday-Friday) there will be a set of poll questions. It’ll be the same 4 questions each day. While there is no score, it’s just a way to be held accountable each day.

Each Monday there will be a set of poll questions to cover the weekend and also ask if you managed to complete 210 minutes of exercise (averaging 30 min/day) for the week.

In addition to the daily and weekly polls, for 5 weeks (December 4, 2017 – January 7, 2018) I will be posting daily. This is what they’ll cover:

  • Motivation Monday – a motivational quote to inspire you for the week.
  • Tasty Tuesday – a tasty, healthy recipe for you to try
  • What I’ve Learned Wednesday – different lifestyle/habit tips and tricks
  • Think Ahead Thursday – guiding questions to help you plan for the weekend and week ahead
  • Fun Friday – a chance to share what you did for yourself this week; how did you have fun?
  • Sweaty Saturday – share anecdotes and photos of how you stay active
  • Sunday Stories – discussions of struggles and successes as we strive towards a healthier and happier life

Although I will be leading the posts I encourage you to add your own motivational quotes, recipes, etc. in the comments below each post. While our health and happiness ultimately lies in our own hands, having a support community out there to listen to you, encourage you, and cheer you along the way can help – that’s what I hope to do!

I hope you’ll join me and that I’ll see you on December 4, 2017!

To join the challenge, either click here or head over to the shop and purchase the ‘Days in Between’ package. Once your purchase has been confirmed, you receive the link to join our private Facebook group.

If you’re interested in doing the Whole Life Challenge (next round starts January 20, 2018), then you can sign up for my team, Worldwide Warriors, via this link.

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