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These Women are Empowered

I have just completed my Women Empowered training with Ayesha and it really was a exhilarating experience. From thinking I can never remember it all, to actually doing it really has given me a huge amount of confidence.
The overall experience was just fantastic, I was first introduced to the course with a 4 day taster over Christmas which I enjoyed so much more than I ever thought I would. (It was a brilliant Christmas present), and the mention of private lessons came up at the end of it. I thought on it a little while and when my situation allowed, I contacted Ayesha and started booking in privates. She is so professional, thorough, encouraging and kind and such a pleasure to learn from. She also is fantastic at listening, some things don’t necessarily “click” straight away, when I explained why I was confusing things, she would take the time to see where my confusion came from, and help us work together to either create an association, demonstrate why it is done a certain way (by showing what would happen if you don’t follow those steps) or help build it into my muscle memory all of which were a great help. She is so passionate about the course, you really can’t help but get super excited about it too.
As well as really enjoying working through the techniques, and getting excited when they start to feel more natural, and really make sense, I really enjoyed the later training, prior to the test, when we would video running through the test, and Ayesha would send me a critique of the video and the video, so I could sit and watch it back, and really see the areas for fine tuning as it was from a different perspective, as sometimes, “in the moment” you can’t always tell the finer details are correct or not.
Overall, I think every single woman should take the time to learn this course, it is really empowering and Ayesha is a brilliant teacher. It was such a brilliant decision made that I will never regret.

I really enjoyed doing the Women Empowered training with Ayesha. The training was very gentle, and not intimidating. She always balanced pushing me just enough, while at the same time always made sure I was comfortable with everything we were doing. I found her to be very friendly and encouraging which was great for my confidence.


Ayesha is an amazing teacher who gave me not just the skills to defend myself but also the confidence to do so. Her patience, encouragement and support were integral to my training, and with her help I went from someone with no experience in martial arts to achieving my Gracie Jiu Jitsu pink belt. I cannot recommend her highly enough and have already referred her onto a friend.


I was introduced to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), Ayesha and the Gracie University by a kickboxing buddy. From the taster session alone with Ayesha I was intrigued by how simple yet effective the women empowered techniques we were shown proved to be. Despite being fearful of the full contact nature of BJJ, I soon became pleasantly aware that my mind was beginning to focus more on technique rather than full contact thus dispelling my initial fear of this martial art form. My progression through the Women Empowered curriculum under the guidance of Ayesha has been an amazing and hugely enlightening and rewarding journey. Every class was riveting and held my attention from start to finish. It simply amazes me at how such little force and effort could generate an incredibly effective defence system. I can definitely say BJJ has me hooked and the manner in which Ayesha has taught me, both the techniques and the mindset, make this martial artform feel more like a way of life. I am eagerly looking forward to developing my skills in and understanding of BJJ in more depth for many years to come.


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